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Meeting and Group Management

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How to Start an S.L.A.A. Meeting

Starting an S.L.A.A. Meeting in your area carries the of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous to hurting people and greatly enriches your own recovery.  To get started, click the button below.

Register a Meeting

Registering your Meeting with makes it possible for F.W.S. and the public to connect with your Group.  To get your meeting registered, click the button below.

Edit a Meeting

Keeping your S.L.A.A. Meeting information up to date with F.W.S. ensures that we are providing accurate information to those searching for meetings.  To get updated, click the button below.

Delete a Meeting

Deleting disbanded meetings is crucial to providing accurate information to those searching for meetings.  To request that a meeting be deleted, click the button below.

Intergroup Maintenance

An S.L.A.A. Intergroup is a regional body that serves a local area, city, state, or country.  To manage your Intergroup, click the button below.

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