S.L.A.A. Copyrighted Literature Translation Information and Requests


Thank you for your interest in translating S.L.A.A. Copyrighted literature.  Please download and read the documents below for all the information you need to submit your request.

pdf file Conference Translation Committee Flyer - Help Carry the Message Around the World!


pdf file S.L.A.A. Licensing Agreement

pdf file
Translation Copyright Packet
(Includes full Instructions, Guidelines, and Forms)

Microsoft Word File
Translation Copyright Packet (Word Format)


Other Recommended Reading:
pdf file What's in a Name?  December 2009 F.W.S. Newsletter Article about proper use of S.L.A.A. resources


pdf file June 2010 F.W.S. Newsletter article about S.L.A.A. copyright and use of S.L.A.A. logos.


If you would like to contact us with questions about translating our literature, please CLICK HERE.