ABC/M 2014 Special Edition with 2013 Minutes


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Welcome to the ABC/M 2014 Special Issue of the Fellowship-Wide Services Newsletter
With ABC/M 2013 Minutes

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Everything you need to know about
The 2014 Annual Business Conference/Meeting

What: The 2014 Annual Business Conference/Meeting (ABC/M)
When: Tuesday August 5 through Friday August 8, 2014
Where: Houston, TX, USA

PLEASE: Print out the General Information PDF below and take it to your meeting(s) and/or Intergroup.
ABC/M General Information (Read this First) (download pdf)


INFORMATION AND FORMS:        All forms include complete instructions.

ONLINE ABC/M Registration Form - Register and Pay Online Securely
For Everyone, also contains Delegate signup.
This is the preferred Registration method for all attendees.

  Register Online Here!  
Print and Mail ABC/M Registration Form
  To be submitted only through Postal Mail to protect sensitive information.
(download pdf)
Print and Mail Delegate Sign-up Form with Special Raffle Information
  Required for all Delegates and must be submitted before or with registration. 
  To be submitted only through Postal Mail to protect sensitive information.
  Wednesday, April 7, 2014 is deadline to be entered in the raffle.
(download pdf)

ABC/M Scholarship Policy  (download pdf)  (Also included in print Registration Form)

Travel Equalization Fund Form (download pdf) (For partial travel reimbursement)

ABC/M Agenda 1st Version (download pdf)

Agenda Review Process (download pdf)

Agenda Review Subcommittee (ARS) Statement (download pdf)

Agenda Item Submission Form (download pdf) (To place an item on the agenda)

By-Laws Change Submission Form (download pdf)

See ABC/M 2013 Minutes  (download pdf)


(prior to ABC/M)
Announcement of ABC/M to Fellowship
Delegate Sign-up and Registration Forms Distributed

BOT Nomination Forms Distributed
First ABM Agenda Distributed to Fellowship World-Wide
Sent 180 days (6 months)
February 6, 2014 Thurs
Delegate Sign-up Forms Due 120 days (4 months)
April 7, 2014 Mon
Motion/IFD Submissions for Second ABM Agenda Due 105 days (3½  months)
April 22, 2014 Tue
Second ABM Agenda Distributed to Conference Members for Committee Feedback Sent 95 days (3 months, 1 week)
May 2, 2014 Fri
Early ABC/M Registrations Due 75 days (2½ months)
May 22, 2014 Thurs
Conference Committee Comments ABM Agenda
Motion/IFD Submissions for Third ABM Agenda
Board of Trustees Nominations
Due 60 days (2 months) prior to ABC/M 60 days    
June 6, 2014 Fri
ABC/M Registrations Due
Third ABM Agenda Distributed to Fellowship Worldwide
45 days (1½ months) prior to ABC/M
June 21, 2014 Sat


What is the Annual Business Meeting/Conference (ABC/M)?

Delegates and non-Delegate members of the Fellowship Wide Services Conference (FWS) meet once a year at the Annual Business Meeting to conduct the business of the Fellowship.

There is valuable information about the Annual Business Meeting (ABC/M) in the Conference Service Manual (CSM). It is highly recommended advance reading for anyone who attends the ABC/M. A wealth of information has been compiled over the years to help people understand the terminology and how the Conference is conducted. The front part of the CSM is a good starting point.

Any Intergroup - any collection of 2 or more S.L.A.A. meetings in the same locality may be represented by one or more Delegates at the Conference. If your Intergroup or area does not have a Delegate, bring it up a meeting, volunteer, and attend the ABC/M! Attending the ABC/M can give you an opportunity to get involved in service at the Fellowship-Wide Services level

Besides conducting business, being present at the ABC/M also means meeting other members of S.L.A.A. – an opportunity to make new friends with common interests and have a great time. If you are interested and need more information than is provided here, email Fellowship-Wide Services with 'ABC/M Question' in the Subject Line.

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