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 Commonly Asked Questions

  • Are there Meetings in My City?  Please go to  All information on meetings that we have is there and is updated daily.
  • Are There Meetings for Spouses/Partners/Family?  Yes, please visit
  • How do I Attend a Meeting?   There are no "sign-ups" or registration to attend a meeting, simply show up.  If you are traveling a great distance and if the meeting provides email or phone contact, you may want to contact them to verify that they are still meeting.
  • I am in crisis. Can someone call me?  S.L.A.A. does not provide a crisis hotline.  The best course of action is to seek local counseling and to find an S.L.A.A. meeting at, whether locally, online, or via telephone and connect with others in the program to find recovery.


A note before contacting us about meetings...

This is the World-Wide Service Office for S.L.A.A. located in San Antonio, TX USA

We welcome your questions, but for localized information, the best place to start

is the directory at 

Most meetings contain their own contact information.


We are experiencing problems with our email form service. 

Please use this temporary email address for all communication until further notice.

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