Conference Healthy Relationships Committee (CHRC)


The Conference Healthy Relationship Committee (CHRC) is a group of ABC/ M delegates and individual members of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous interested in the following service projects:

*Healthy Dating* – Creating more literature/ recovery tools around healthy dating practices for SLAA members.

*Revising Existing Literature* - Revising/ updating literature that was written years ago but never released to the fellowship focusing on relationship tools.

*Couples Stories* - Collecting written shares from members in healthy relationships or who have experienced some success in dating for inclusion in a booklet/ pamphlet.

*Telemeeting Series* – Creating telemeetings that offer unique healthy relationship themed topics. Click here for our current meeting series.

Interested in starting a Healthy Relationships Themed meeting in your area? Contact our committee and we will send you a meeting format.

Email the Healthy Relationships Committee Here